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How Passion Turned to Product

Zeb Overton, owner of The Green Man and Overton’s View Farm, exists in the cannabis world as a grower, a retailer and a consumer. With over 20 years of experience as a legacy grower, he has spent time learning about the plant, its properties and its importance. Zeb can personally testify to the positive impact the use of cannabis can have on someone’s life, and while it can be enjoyed recreationally, he regularly refers to it as medicine for physical and emotional well being. Being able to provide Vermont’s residents with the best products, grown organically and with care, is Zeb’s goal in serving the community. When visiting The Green Man we hope customers feel at home, safe, and free to inquire about cannabis and our products, whether they are new or seasoned users.

Overton's View Farm

Overton’s View Farm, established by Zeb Overton, specializes in both indoor and outdoor cannabis cultivation. With over 20 years of experience, Zeb oversees a 1000 sq feet indoor facility for seed and clone development, guiding plants from vegetation to flowering. Outdoor, up to 120 plants thrive in the Vermont climate, with meticulous care for optimal growth. Zeb’s dedication to cannabis cultivation has significantly shaped his personal and professional growth.

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